Meet the Team

Mem Davis - Business Owner

I’m Mem Davis; a writer and editor from the beautiful coast of Wollongong, NSW Australia. I produce creative copy for vegan and ethically-centred businesses, because I believe in supporting those who share my values around compassion and sustainability. My mission is to create a healthier world and, by working with businesses who show care for the wellbeing of their clients, customers, animal friends, and the environment, we can all work together towards a kinder future.

I’m a university qualified naturopath, nutritionist and doula, with a tertiary certificate in Marketing and Communications. I’ve edited numerous articles, interviews, and books, including Vystopia and Myths of Change by Clare Mann and Hello, Can You Hear Me? by Bianca De Reus. I’ve been published in Australian Vegans Journal,  Australian Vegan Magazine, and am a regular contributor to Nourish magazine.

I love hiking, cooking for friends, vegan chocolate, and my feline office assistant, Rami. And words, of course.  I’m also a musician and travel enthusiast. When I’m not destroying my posture at the computer screen, I can be found exploring the great outdoors, onstage at the local music festival, or snuggled up with a book and a lapcat.

Rami: Chief Cuddles Officer

Rami keeps track of the day-to-day business operations, mostly by making sure Mem stops for lunch. His lunch, as hers is irrelevant to him, unless it happens to involve bread, in which case Mem’s lunch is also desirable.

Rami can be found snoozing on any piece of office furniture (they all belong to him), but is most often located on the keyboard, where he has occasionally sent accidental emails to clients. He likes sunshine, cat grass, chin scratches and warm laps.