Nikhil Rughani

"Mem did some editing for me for the Australian Vegans Journal and I was really impressed by her dedication to the task and her ability to take a complex assignment and masterfully edit it in a timely fashion. I'd highly recommend Mem for your next editing job."
Kathy Divine
Editor & Founder, Australian Vegans Journal
Mem is one of our best writers at The Australian Vegan Magazine. Not only does Mem have a superb talent for the written word, but her articles are always polished and perfectly edited so we don't have to do any work! She is a very talented lady, with a great attention to detail and she has a great creative flair.
Michaela Gainey
Editor/Publisher, Australian Vegan Magazine
“Mem Davis has been a health writer for our website “Whole Woman” for several years now. She has written some popular articles about health, birth, pregnancy, health supplements, and other subjects as well. As editor I have never rolled my eyes upon receiving something from Mem, as I know it will be well-written, with correct spelling, grammar, and an easy flow to it. I believe this has played a big role in her popularity as a writer on our website. ”

Meg Fraser
Editor, Whole Woman Magazine
“Mem writes with a clarity and sense of purpose that make her work not only a joy to read, but also perfectly audience appropriate. Her talent for making quite complex ideas accessible is one that meant asking Mem to write for me was a no-brainer. Mem’s versatility in writing means that she can tackle topics with humour or with a sense of honest respect equally well.”
Margs O'Farrell
Fusion Personal Training