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Mem Davis is a professional writer and editor. She helps vegan and ethically-based businesses to improve their outreach through articles, books, and advertising that speak the language of their audience.

Mem’s mission is to create a healthier world, by supporting businesses who show care for the wellbeing of their clients, customers, animal friends, and the environment. She is also a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, and doula, with a love of outdoor hiking and a soft spot for vegan chocolate.

A good writer is also a good marketer. You might have a fantastic product or service, but it can be hard to write about yourself objectively – and it can be even harder to talk to your audience instead of just talking about your business.

Language, spelling, and grammar do matter, and it’s not just the word nerd in me talking! As a professional writer, I find out who your target market is and tailor your website and content so it speaks directly to them, and reflects on the personality and branding of your business at the same time.

Your website is competing against hundreds of so-called “experts” and influencers, as well as rival businesses. It’s so important to be an ethical business and still market yourself successfully. 

To have your voice heard over the virtual noise of the online world, you need someone who can speak clearly and directly to your customers. In the land of marketing, your business is a beacon of truth – selling products and services that reflect a kinder world.

With the overload of information available, we need to ensure the voices of reason, evidence-based practice, and genuine claims are heard over the panaceas and products which work against our ethical conscience.

When you spend all your time focused on promoting your business, there is little time leftover to actually do what you do best. Having a professional writer on board means your blogs and advertising are done to the best standard possible, while you free up your day to see clients, take orders, and deal with the day-to-day important stuff.


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”
~ Nelson Mandela

As a business, your core values are key to your public face and persona. When you’re an ethical business, you might face the added pressure of higher goods and production costs, or the balance of a sustainable business versus sustainable policies, along with the regular pressures of running your own gig.

As an ethical business owner myself, I speak your language. With our shared values around humanitarian, animal, and environmental issues, I know where you’re coming from – and who you’re marketing to.

When it comes to customer choices, good knowledge and marketing are so important. People want the best for their money, expect honesty in advertising, and yet frequently lack the knowledge or understanding to make a fully informed choice. Maybe they don’t even know your business exists – yet!

Through the power and precision of language, I can help to share your message and improve your business outreach so that your name is the one spoken when someone asks for the best vegan restaurant, holistic vet, ethical accountant, or eco-conscious clothing store.

I truly believe that the more we ethical businesses support one another, the closer we move towards a healthy and  humane world.


Talk the language of your customers without pushing too hard for a sale. Create ads and publicity material with the intention of selling your product and services. Rank higher in online searches and grow your business - simply by writing about it!


Create articles and blogs that generate interest in your business and elevate your standing as an industry expert. From food trucks to professional services, quality content can increase customer engagement, attracting new clientele and retaining loyal buyers.


Avoid embarrassing typos, perfect your writing, and use an objective pair of eyes to review your website, books, and documents. Make sure that what you present to the world truly reflects the nature of your business.

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"Mem writes with a clarity and sense of purpose that make her work not only a joy to read, but also perfectly audience appropriate. Her talent for making quite complex ideas accessible is one that meant asking Mem to write for me was a no-brainer. Mem’s versatility in writing means that she can tackle topics with humour or with a sense of honest respect equally well."
Margs O'Farrell
Fusion Personal Training
“Mem Davis has been a health writer for our website “Whole Woman” for several years now. She has written some popular articles about health, birth, pregnancy, health supplements, and other subjects as well. As editor I have never rolled my eyes upon receiving something from Mem, as I know it will be well-written, with correct spelling, grammar, and an easy flow to it. I believe this has played a big role in her popularity as a writer on our website. ”

Meg Fraser
Editor, Whole Woman Magazine